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Get rid of the shitty sound. Life's too short.

-Hans Zimmer


This is me

I got into sound by way of films. I saw Pixar's Wall-e and said "I want to do that". Well turns out sound effects editing for film  and animation is not one of my favorite things to do. So I found the world of Sound Art and Theatre. I really enjoy the ability to be by myself making cool art and then walking into a theatre of other incredible artists and putting it all together. I have been doing sound for theatre since my sophomore year in college, I have been experimenting with sound art for about as long. I like to make noise, whether it's good noise or bad noise is all in the ear of the beholder. I also enjoy silence, because without silence we can't enjoy the noise.

Along with being a Sound Artist, I also co-own a production company called Stingray Collective. We aim to provide services in audio and video for clients spanning the music, theater and corporate industries. You can learn more at our website.

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